Monday, April 5, 2010

feelin' cagey

yesterday after church we all came home and took naps. when we woke up i called my family who were all together at my parents house getting ready to do an egg hunt for the grandkids. when i got off the phone i was so homesick i couldn't even express it. so i looked at my own little family laying around doing nothing and i said, "come on. let's put our suits on and go to the beach". i needed to get away. i needed to get to the ocean and breath in the salty air and clear my head.
it worked. my head cleared and i watched them play and laugh and get sand in places no one should have sand.

i breathed in deeply and felt myself relaxing.
i love this little sandy leg!
and this little one who is so friendly and brave in the waves.
at first she was terrified of the water. she just hung back and watched micah for along time.
then daddy helped her get her toes wet.
and that was all it took for her to get over her fear. she ran right out into them after that.
the beach always revitalizes me...yesterday was no exception.

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Matthew's Wifey said...

I remember that feeling so well Lydia. When I lived out of state, holidays were the worst. I always called home and then cried to Matt about how homesick I was. It looks like you found a fantastic distraction though. Your kids are so cute! =)