Thursday, April 1, 2010


last night at work, we had a birthday party for some wealthy, extremely old guy from the island. he turned 88. right before we brought the cake out, hundreds of balloons dropped onto his table. we immediately had to clean them up cause his wife HATES balloons! the balloons were ordered by his daughter-in-law. some big deal, i guess. (my eyes are rolling) anyway, there were bags and bags of balloons at work so i brought some of them home for the kids to play with.
Thank you jimmy for turning 88 years old last night.
your birthday made my kids happy!

i love the way the morning sunlight hit the balloons...
...and my beautiful little girl.
"mama, look! it's my dinosaur egg!"
"can you see me?"

micah took these last two pictures and was very proud.
it really is the little things in life isn't it?
these balloons brought an hour of pure bliss to my babies this morning.

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