Monday, April 19, 2010

collection: the final episode

micah finished painting his shelf for his collection and last week we hung it up. when i asked him where he would like to put it he said right by his bed. i asked him if he was worried about beatrix getting into it and he said no, cause i want to put it by my top bed. here he is taking inventory of his collection as he places them on the shelf.

putting them up by his top bed....
...out of harms way from this little monster.
the final product. he was pretty proud and told me that he is going to start many collections. he asked me why daddy had so many collections and he only had one. i said it is because daddy is older and has had more time to collect things. micah thought for a minute and than he told me that he was going to start collecting many things. i asked him like what. and he replied anything that i really love.

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