Saturday, November 7, 2009

driving in the car

This morning Matt took Micah on several errands. They were driving home from home depot and Matt was listening to a cd. He had a moment where he felt a surge of love for our son and felt like he needed to express it.

he said, "hey Micah?"
Micah - "yes daddy"
Matt - I REALLY love you!
silence - (Matt glances at him in the rear view mirror) pause....pause....
Micah - "why don't we just enjoy the ride?"

Matt said he laughed so hard he almost had to pull over.


Vera said...

Very funny, Micah is growing up way too fast. Thanks for making auntie laugh.

Andrea said...

The things they say! That's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

lol.... i LOVE YOU Micah.
I can just picture him in the back of Matt's car thinking of "his" smart answer...hahaha

love, aunt Dajana

Tanya said...