Saturday, October 31, 2009

peter pan and the butterfly

We met our friends Matt and Michelle and their 3 kids for trick or treating again this year. Before we went out though we all gathered for pizza and a few pictures. Than we headed out to our neighborhood for some treats!
What words are there for this picture???
I mean really, it melts your heart into a gooey pile of mush!
Getting ready to take off
My amazing Peter Pan and his sword to fight off Captain Hook. He thought the sword was pretty fantastic!

I love these wings...I think they are so beautiful!
Cool rocks

Beatrix just may be a kitty whisperer....
this cat came right up to Beatrix and than laid down in front of Bea and waited for her to pet her.
The four of them begging at a door! Too cute for words!!!


Vera said...

Micah’s costume turned out perfect. He looks adorable and I am sure he is going to treasure that costume for many years. Lydia little Bea is breathtaking beautiful. Really where did you find the butterfly costume?? Give them both a lot of kisses from Auntie Vera. We miss you so much

Anonymous said...

The most perfect Peter Pan and butterfly that I've ever seen.
Love you all.
oxoxo Dajana

Jared said...

Awesome pics...thanks for sharing. Pretty cute nephew and niece if I do say so myself!

Melissa said...

They look so cute! I agree, Bea's wings are beautiful!

Andrea said...

Adorable!! Where did you find those wings? Ellie would LOVE them!

Pepper Blossom said...

i got the wings at joanne fabrics. aren't they beautiful??? i love them! thanks everyone for the nice comments.