Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a windy beach day

Saturday I went to the beach to take some pictures and the waves were amazing along the pier. It was a lot of fun to walk the pier and feel the ocean spray in my face.

We don't get many days where those that love to surf can. Saturday was just that kind of day. There is a tropical storm in the gulf and it is making for some amazing waves. I had so much fun taking pictures of them surfing and caught some cool action shots.

anticipating the beach
Micah pretending to be a kite.
Someone had written I love you in the sand...caught her standing right by it.
Beatrix was soooo cute in the wind! She kept squealing and throwing her hands up into the air.

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Stephanie said...

Nice shots. You are so talented. You need to give me some tips when you come for the holidays! Hint hint. Any luck on those plane tickets? Love you, Jared