Tuesday, August 18, 2009

happy birthday micah!

today is the day a miracle named micah was born and changed our lives forever. he ushered true joy into our home and our lives and brought restoration to our broken hearts. this little man has ever stopped being just that, since the day he arrived. micah is compassionate, sensitive, so gentle, kind and tenderhearted. he has temper tantrums and he thinks he is right about most everything. he is a force to be reakoned with, i can tell already that he is going to be a leader.
he feels things so strongly that when his eyes well up with tears or he is frustrated or over the moon happy i can feel it too. he makes me laugh and he frustrates me more than anyone else ever has in my life. he is matt and i. our little creation.
we made him, together.
on this day 4 years ago pure joy was born and we named him micah patrick. he is ours and we love him more than words could ever say. happy birthday pooh! mommy and daddy love you so much and it is more than obvious how much beatrix loves you! xoxo


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Micah!!! We love you!

Anonymous said...

So in a sentence he is a mini Matt!:D He looks like mommy but has daddy's personality!:) And you're sweet and compassionate too!:D

Happy birthday handsome little guy!:D You're the most loved little guy EVER!:D

Love & Hugs
Your Cousin

Andrea said...

And happy birthday to Micah! It's funny to think we were in the hospital at the same time, just that I was leaving the day you were giving birth. But we did have one night overlapping!