Friday, June 1, 2012

me me me me me....poop

today was the first day of summer break for matt. we decided to run errands together and finish off with free lunch from chick-fil-a courtesy of some coupons. on the way home everyone was happy and feeling nice and full. as the kids were playing and chatting with each other in the back seat i was telling matt about the conversation i had had with rhonda about beatrix on wednesday. i told him that she had suggested that when we are together as a family we try to make a game out of singing songs together. i said that she had told me to take a song that we all know and than fill in all of the words with only me-me or be-be or ba-ba, bo-bo.  rhonda thought it would be good for beatrix to repeat those sounds over and over again. matt didn't really get what i was talking about so i suggested trying it with twinkle twinkle little star. it failed. no one wanted to sing that song. matt asked, "what about that apple and banana song? how does it go again?" so i sang, "i like to eat. i like to eat. i like to eat apples and bananas. o loke to oat. o loke to oat. o loke to oat opples and bononoes." everyone dissolved into giggles. they were all on board after that. i sang, "me me me me. me me me me. me me me me me memememe me meeee!" beatrix and micah burst into fits of laughter. beatrix grinned and grinned. here was a whole song that she could sing! pretty soon she and micah were singing it by themselves. matt and i looked at each other and grinned. than after a loud round of memememe meeee there was a pause as they were holding out the last note of the song and than beatrix shouted, "POOP!" we all died laughing. i mean really and truly died laughing! she was telling a joke and she knew it. she sang the song again, "me me me me. me me me me. me mememememem me memememe...POOP!" hahahaha! it was so funny!

just yesterday i was sharing with a friend how i had taken an evening a few nights ago to read back over our family blog. i had laughed at all of the funny things micah had said when he was bea's age. i was sharing with her that later that night while i was laying in bed, i started to cry a little when the realization hit me that i didn't have any stories like that recorded for beatrix. i guess i had to mourn a whole different phase of this apraxia thing. and here today i was given a blessing! beatrix found a way, granted a gross way {ha!} to get us all to laugh and to share her voice with us. me me me me... poop! man, i love that girl!

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