Wednesday, June 20, 2012

celebrating daddy

 i don't think i realized when i was a kid just how close mother's day and father's day are to each other. but now that we have kids who are interested in making these days special for us, it is important for matt and i to have our act together if we are going to make them special. with ease. sunday kind of snuck up on me. in my defense micah got the flu last week and penelope got two teeth. so needless to say i did not get cards to matt and my's fathers in time. in fact they finally made it into the mail today. whoops. all that said, i did as much prep saturday as i could so sunday morning, which is always a crazy morning anyway, would go easily. what i didn't bargain on, again, was how hard it is to get things finished with an infant in the house. 

saturday, penelope and i met a friend for breakfast and thrifting. a truly glorious way to start a saturday i might add! after we dropped her off, pips and i began our search for matt's gift. i stopped at a local garden center in hopes of cutting out traveling and to support a local business, but they did not have what i was looking for, so i called the number someone had given me that "knew a guy who could hook me up". it got even more fishy when i talked to the man on the phone and he said he was sitting on the side of the road with a whole truck full of goods. i finally found him after quite a drive and managed to squeeze the gift into our car and sneak it onto our property without matt spying it. i really didn't have to be so cautious because as it turns out i am married to someone who notices nothing. he even opened the trunk and placed target bags on a bag of top soil i had bought! 
never. even. saw. it. crazy! 
saturday night i prepped breakfast. sunday morning i got up early with the kids and told matt he had to stay in the bedroom while we were busy preparing the living room for the guest of honor. he asked for a cup of coffee, a cup of juice and his book so he could read while he waited. micah, beatrix and i got to work on our decorating and finishing of the cinnamon rolls, the BEST ever cinnamon rolls! recipe found here. at 9:00 we were ready for him. 
 the kids decided to hide. ???
 the kids and i each picked a color to cut out stars and then we wrote things about daddy that we loved. 

 after he read a few of them we took him into the florida room and surprised him with his gift...
 a lime tree!
my husband fancys himself a citrus fruit farmer. *wink wink*
 micah had hid his gifts for matt in the tree. before school was out the teacher had the kids make father's day presents. {those genius teachers!} and he and beatrix had painted him a couple of pictures. pips and i got daddy a card.
 we ate breakfast and went to church. a few of our friends visited church on father's day which was so great. matt had requested ham, and potatoes and gravy for lunch. i had gotten most of it ready so i just popped it into the oven while we were gone and lunch was ready after church. our friends stayed for lunch too. i made a lime pie in honor of the tree. see the continuity there? *grin* 
everyone took really long naps, even the adults and when we woke up matt had planted his tree. 

it was a wonderful day celebrating matt. he works so hard for our family and is also really good at playing with them too. i would say this age isn't necessarily his favorite, but he does an amazing job of making the kids feel seen and heard. they sure love being with him!

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