Thursday, April 28, 2011

new fish tank

we sold our huge 55 gallon fish tank and in its place we got this 29 gallon one and put it in the kid's room. it is already so much more fun than the other one ever was and we had it for 3 years. this tank is teaming with life and is so much easier to maintain. plus the kids love watching it at night as they are falling asleep.
very dreamy!

pictures of a couple of the corals we have gotten so far.
there is also a clown fish, a gramma fish and two fire fish in our tank, a cleaner shrimp and lots of little hermit crabs. matt has been teaching micah the scientific names of the fish. great bonding conversations as they head to school in the morning.
this is defiantly something we never would have had if we still lived in michigan.

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