Thursday, April 28, 2011

make way for....

our new {to us} piano!
we decided a few months ago that we would start looking for a piano. matt was talking to his principle at school about micah and his love of anything to do with the ocean, but that we wanted to get rid of our enormous fish tank, down size and get a piano. she said, "well, you can have ours. if you find a way to get it out of my house it's yours!" so we did the necessary steps of selling our other tank to make room and then matt borrowed a truck, rounded up some graduated students with muscles and moved it in a couple of hours. both matt and micah are going to take lessons from a dear friend of ours. they can't wait to get started! though micah sees it as a gate way instrument to the one he really wants to play...the guitar.

hopefully this is the start of years of making music in our home.

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