Monday, January 17, 2011

i have a dream

micah and i spent the morning discussing this great man, martin luther king jr. he suggested yesterday that after breakfast we print off some coloring pages and so we did. it was also his idea to tape them to our door. we discussed the things that MLK jr. stood up for and then we tried to imagine what it must have been like. we talked about consideration and thinking about others, which is what so much of his ideas were about.
being considered an equal.

Micah drew the hands at the top peach and brown.

and so i end with a beautiful picture of my son holding hands with one of his best friends, roosevelt the third or ro ro to us. they are standing in front of a huge mound of clippings from our trees. matt had a tree trimmer come out today and remove all of the excess and dead parts of the trees. how appropriate on a day such as this. our country has a long way to go, but part of this man's great dream is being played out right here between friends.

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