Friday, September 24, 2010


Saturday morning the kids woke up way too early. The result of school. Bah! So when you get handed lemons what do you do? You throw the kids in the car, rush to the beach with your camera and get amazing pictures of the sunrise. I did the same thing with Micah when he was right around the age Beatrix is now. My plan is to frame both of their beach pictures side by side so I can forever freeze them in this amazing age of pudgy cheeks, adorable baby shoulders and carefree spirits. I LOVE how these turned out. My only problem will be deciding which ones to frame. I could make wallpaper out of their beach pictures I love them so. I can not believe she will be two next month. Have I mentioned how thankful I am to be home with her this year? Well, I am!

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Auntie D. said...

Awesome pics... She looks like an angel in the mids of all the waves...can't wait to see you all. Oxox