Friday, February 19, 2010

v-day continued

After they got back from their implosion we went to church and than to breakfast. After that we came home and Matt and the kids took a nap while I went to take pictures of my friend's little boy who is turning one in two days. It was so much fun! That night we had a baby sitter come and Matt and I went for dinner. It was a lovely night to be together and talk about our life together and the past 10 Valentine's as a married couple. Matt had taken the time to make a little questionnaire. We each wrote down 10 questions for the other one to answer. It was a lot of fun and caused some silliness and some seriousness. We laughed, I cried and just had a wonderful night reconnecting! I am so thankful for my family....for these two babies that light up our life and for the love of my days, Matt. Sensitive, thoughtful, caring and challenging when I need it. Hope your Valentine's Day was full of love! Mine sure was...

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