Friday, February 19, 2010


Lent has arrived and it is a special time, isn't it? It has become one of my favorite times of the year. A time to reflect and anticipate the arrival of Easter. 40 days of focused thought, of self discipline, of sacrifice. This year I have decided to give up Facebook for Lent. It was a tough decision and one that is truly a sacrifice. Why? you might ask. Well, it is a way to reconnect. To get in touch with people that you normally wouldn't talk to on a daily basis. For me it has turned into an excuse though...a distraction. I go on the site and read other peoples status. What they are up to. At first it seemed harmless enough, but than something happened. I would "chat" with people on Facebook and we would laugh and be witty and silly and it was great, but than I would see the people that live close to me and they would hardly say two words to me. What is this? I couldn't help wondering why that was. Wasn't it supposed to make us closer? I started to realize that it was a false closeness for some. On a computer, even a blog, there is no one to really critique you. I can get on here and write anything I want. Caution to the wind. I can say things in private that I normally wouldn't talk about to people and I think this is dangerous. It is isolation at its best! Gone are the days of praying, calling a friend to vent, talking to my husband...I get on my on-line diary and verbally spew. So for this lenten season I am giving up a major part of my day. Facebook. If I want to communicate with one of my friends I have made a decision to either write a letter or call them. I started Wednesday and it has been tough. Yesterday I wrote a letter though and it felt really great! 40 days of preperation is wonderful. It is good to be reminded of sacrifice in a society that thinks you shouldn't sacrifice anything if it makes you "happy". Have you thought about giving anything up? Please call me so we can talk about it. :)

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