Friday, July 31, 2009

grandma and grandpa iowa

My parents came down last week for a nice long visit. It was so great having them both here. My mom has come several times in the last couple of years, but it was the first time my dad had been here in over 2 years. It was great fun having them both around and watching them interact with Micah and Beatrix. My mom can sit for hours and play with Micah. It is truly amazing! They played play dough one morning for almost 3 hours! Needless to say, he really misses her. Dad cuddled with Beatrix and Micah and really relaxed and got caught up on some much needed rest.

Yes, my mom brought some Iowa sweet corn to her uprooted baby! It was delicious!

Too cute!
A bunny from Grandpa. Bea giggled and giggled.

Story time with grandpa before bed. [Like my new chairs? I got them for only $20 a piece!!! just a fun little side note]
Look what Bea can do.
Monday we drove to Sea World in Orlando. It was great fun!
Enjoying the shows!
Dinner at Perkin's after Sea World.
Superman Ice Cream at the Pier. This was the bluest ice cream I have ever seen in my life. The funnier part 2 of the story is that the next day it came out just as blue as it went in. Micah yelled from the bathroom, "mommy, come quick and look at my blue poopies!" I found it hilarious, Matt not so much.
The best family picture we could get. Sorry mom
This is a picture I will treasure for the rest of my life....

Beatrix fell asleep in my dad's arms the morning he had to fly back home.
Beatrix helping Grandma with dishes.
[ Me looking tired, but happy] Thank you mom and dad for coming for such a nice long visit. It was wonderful and was super hard to let you go back to Iowa. We love and miss you both!


Vera said...

Lydia, really nice pictures. Must have been such a joy and great help having your parents over. Bea is growing way too fast. Love you and miss you very much.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those chairs- that fabric pattern is awesome! Where did you get them from?

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics, Lydia. I'm so jealous of your mom and dad! :) Actually, I so glad they got to visit. You must miss them terribly! We have to wait until Feb. to see you guys. Little Bea will already 15 months old! Can you send me some updated pics of Bea and Micah? I want to make another collage for the frame on my wall. Love you sweetheart! Mom ox