Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun with Iowa People

Two weeks ago we got a call. It was from my brother Jared. He and his wife Stephanie and my niece Brenna were wondering if they could make a spontaneous visit to West Palm Beach. Of course we said yes! So, last Friday they flew into Ft. Lauderdale and stayed until Wednesday. We had a BLAST! Micah and Brenna got along great for the most part and it was super fantastic having some blood around! We went to the beach almost every single night (cause it was too hot to go during the day) and we even got some snorkeling in the morning that they left. Thank you so much for coming guys! You really brought a good time with you. We miss you alot and our house seems very very quiet....
Meeting Beatrix for the first time. Jared and Steph are due with their second little girl in November.
Reading books together the first night.
This is how they rode EVERYWHERE together. so cute
Saturday morning was one of the only things that I had planned before they got to our house. I threw a baby shower for a very good friend of mine who is having a girl after two boys. It was a crazy busy Saturday morning!! While I was gone everyone else went to the Sailfish Marina and fed the fish and looked for tropical ones.
Saturday night we all went for a walk on the beach. Well, everyone except Matt. He was working. He took on a night job this summer 3 nights a week driving an electric taxi around downtown West Palm Beach. We missed him, but it was a nice relaxing evening. Brenna was pretty nervous with the waves, but she started to warm up to it.
A great picture of the three of them.
Iowans aren't very good listeners!
My little man! This boy is Florida through and through. The hotter the better in his book.
Beatrix happy in her pouch and enjoying the sound of the waves and the wind in her hair. She becomes very relaxed and content at the beach.
Micah and Jared riding the waves the evening of one particularly hot day!
This is how Brenna's little cheeks looked almost everytime she stepped outside.
Having fun together after church on our porch.
Brenna was all ready for the beach and so she spent some time entertaining Bea. This is only a representation of half the pictures cause I didn't have time to download all of them. We packed a ton in to 5 days. What fun!

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