Thursday, June 11, 2009

birthday love

33 today.... how did that happen? Anyway, today was a nice day. I started off my birthday on the early side. At 6 o'clock Bea woke up so I fed her bleary eyed. Then Micah woke up cause he heard her. He came waundering out to the living room and wiping his eyes said, "Mommy, is it your birthday today?" Micah and I had a nice little date this morning. We went to a movie together. Just the two of us. It was wonderful! I haven't done anything with just him in a long time. We went to a kid special showing of Kung Fu Panda which is hilarious and I highly recommend it. This afternoon the house was quiet with nappers and then tonight we had this lovely cake that Matt and Micah made for me. My night ended with having just one more bite! Thanks for all the birthday love today! You helped make it very special.

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Stephanie said...

That cake is pretty impressive. i think I would have had to end my night w/ anothe whole piece :)