Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Adventures for Lydia

Well, there are some new things coming up in my life. The main one being a new business. My friend April and I have decided to start a photography business. We purchased a camera and I had fun trying it out a couple of days last week. That is the surface information... The underlying information is this....I am terrified of starting this. I am afraid I will fail, I'm afraid I will succeed. I'm afraid we'll never grow, I'm afraid we'll grow too much. I'm afraid I'll be awful, I'm afraid I'll be amazing... what is the deal Lydia? you may be asking. I have done much soul searching and I am realizing that I just need to fight through the fear! Fear is natural and God tells me that I can do all things if He is the one giving me strength. This means I am fighting natural Lydia. Please continue to pray for me as I muddle through all of this mess and come out the other side a photographer ??? :) Here are some examples of what the new camera can do...without much editing. Love to you all and more information is soon to come on our business and our new website.


Anonymous said...

I think you will be great at this!!!!! You take such awesome photos!!! Thanks to you I have the whole event of my first born on film....I look at those pics you took sometimes thinking how in the world you were able to capture that whole day!!!! Thank you for such a wonderful gift!!!
Praying that God will bless your new adventure,

Jared said...

You can do it! I knew you'd make the pludge. Life's too short to look back and wish you would have gone after a dream. The whole fear thing is natural. I have it every day. Causes me to rely on my Father more and go make hay to support my family. It helps that dad taught us to never hesitate to ask people questions or ask them if they could use our help (I think he taught me that at least...he was never too scared to approach people). Translation: I can go up to anyone and ask them if they need my real estate services whether buying, selling, or investing. And amazingly, they say "yes"! You'll get lots of yes's Lydia...I know you will. Just follow through on them and get the "word of mouth" marketing going. Your business will grow and be great as long as you treat people the way Christ would treat them if he had a photography business. And lastly, have fun and be creative. You're gifted that way. Don't lose sight of will be your fuel for continuing with things when you don't feel like continuing! Keep your vision in front of you at all times. Love Love. J

Stephanie said...

That's so exciting! You will be a great professional photographer!