Saturday, March 14, 2009

Moving Day for Beans

Small Crisis Explained: Micah's beans (see three posts down) have given him much joy. Every morning he asks me if he can go out and watch the beans grow. I didn't have the heart to tell him that they probably wouldn't do so hot on the pavement. Anyway, this morning Matt has been cleaning the back yard, raking leaves from our avacado tree, pruning the palms and pulling off brown fronds, and cleaning off the pavement. He started to sweep up a particularly dirty area fairly close to our house. I heard a "No!" and then a little boy bursting into tears. Matt saying, "Oh, buddy, I'm so sorry I didn't know." I opened the door and there was my little man with tears the size of crocodiles saying, "Mommy, my beans!" Matt looked at me and said under his breath, "Help, Small Crisis!" I gave him a quick smile and said, "Oh honey, It's ok! We need to plant them in the dirt anyway. To which Matt quickly grabbed a shovel and a new garden and one happy boy were soon planted! Crisis Averted!

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