Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a few funny family stories

May 17th - 
this morning micah's teacher texted me that micah wanted me to know that he had lost his tooth sometime between last night and when i dropped him off at school that morning. she wrote "he's worried he may have ate his tooth" haha we had a nice laugh. i came into the house after dropping him off and i believe God gave me the thought to check his balled up paper towel with the remains of his breakfast sandwich. i went out to the car (cause i don't throw garbage away often enough for moments such as these!) and i unwrapped the paper towel and there was his little tooth waiting for me. i texted micah's teacher to ask her if she would let micah know where i found his tooth. and then i said, "you couldn't make this stuff up!"

May 19th - 
micah came into where i was writing this morning with a sad look on his face. "what's the matter, buddy? did you have a good sleep?" micah-"she didn't come again." me-"what do you mean?" micah-"the tooth fairy didn't come again last night." my internal dialogue while i held micah...should i tell him the truth? should i tell him that daddy and i forgot the two nights in a row because of all that is going on right now? no, i'll find a way to put the money in there without him knowing. "i'm sorry love. would you like to play daddy's ipad in the living room?" micah sadly - "sigh...sure" i fast walked to our bedroom, taking the change jar into our bathroom so i wouldn't wake matt up and so micah couldn't hear me, i counted out three dollars. the tooth fairy leaves more when she has made you wait. as i was putting our change jar back onto matt's dresser, his eyes opened and he asked me what i was doing. all i had to say was, we forgot again! he quickly got out of bed, went into the office and proceeded to write micah a letter from the tooth fairy. i came back into the office to ask him what he wrote and he just waved me away. and quickly went into micah's room. minutes passed and i just walked by micah's room. the curtains are hanging haphazardly, the blinds are wide open, the windows are open as far as they can go and it looks like the tooth fairy came and went in a hurry! i love that husband of mine. he really knows how to bring a story to completion. later after micah had found the note i snuck back into his room to read it. the note from matt aka tooth fairy read in beautiful curly handwriting mind you...Dearest Sweetest Micah, Please forgive the tardiness of my delivery of your coins. i have been very busy and had to sneak in through your window while you played on your Father's ipad. Sincerely, The Tooth Fairy. --he just looked at us and was like what?!? and then he counted his three dollars worth of coins. matt commented on how it was very dangerous to leave the window wide open like that but that we would forgive her this time. then the two of us walked down the hall to our bedroom and silently high fived each other for an amazing recovery!

May 21st - 
me watching bea this morning playing with her luvy - "you sure are cute beebee."
beatrix not looking up from her play - "YEP! i cute sometimes."

May 29th - 
{an exasperated car conversations} me-"micah! for the last time sit back in your seat or if you don't and we are in a car accident your head will get cut off!!!" beatrix- "yeah. and then we would haf to go to hos-bital and ga-lue it back on."

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Mom VC said...

Oh, you'll still be a teacher Mr. Harrison, but now you will teach parents, grandparents and guardians as well as high schoolers. You will reach even further to shape the hearts and minds of the ones who call Trinity their school. Jerry and I look forward to watching it all happen as your ministry grows. It is so good to have you back online Lydia. I have missed your unique perspective behind a camera lens, in your raw emotion, and wise beyond years well thought out words. Welcome back! It keeps us more in touch and lets us all see what you get to witness every single day. Can't wait until July!!
I love you Honey,