Thursday, December 15, 2011

first bath

pips didn't enjoy her first bath very much. and i have a feeling this picture is going to be a representation of my life for the next while. multitasking. beebs is showing me a bug while i am bathing penelope. both of them needing my attention. i find this has been the biggest adjustment. beatrix, thankfully isn't taking her anger out on the baby, but on me. she misses me, i get that. i remember micah feeling the same way. it is a tough spot to be in as a mama. beatrix and i had a good thing going and it has gotten interrupted. i cried about it last night. i miss her too. but that is what having a new little one is all about, adjusting. i know in my heart that in a couple of months it will be ok, but right now in the moment i cry about it because it is a big change for me too.

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