Monday, February 14, 2011

100 days

last thursday was micah's 100th day of school. maybe it's been a couple of thursdays ago now. anyway, he had to do a project for school to celebrate the 100th day and also because they are learning to count to 100 by 10s. it had to be some sort of collage with 100 items on the paper and it was up to the student or family to be creative and think of a way to incorporate 100 things. whew! so i asked micah what he had in mind and he told me exactly how big he wanted it and that he wanted to draw a race car with the number 100 on it somewhere. so i handed him a pencil and he traced it all out first and then he outlined it in marker.
we found 100 items around the house in groups of 10. we glued them in various places and then we made a key so he could count by 10s when he presented it to the class. it was his idea to color it afterward. we had to get pretty creative with some of the items. there were 10 spaghetti noodles, 10 pieces of cut up straw, 10 triangles, squares and circles, 10 blue fruit loops, 10 light blue buttons, 10 dark blue buttons, 10 pieces of yarn and 10 heart marshmallows. (which attracted roughly 100 ants, his teacher told me. hahaha!)

it turned out really cute and it was a great exercise in patience and self control for me. patience because it takes 5 year olds a long time to create things. like 2 and a half hours for example. and it helped me with self control because i really wanted to take over and make it "perfect". however if i would have done that i never would have gotten to see the look of pride on his little face.

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courtney said...

So sweet! I love his creativity and I know where he gets it. I also struggle with cringing inwardly when their projects are tedious, or they clearly aren't going to work out and it will be a waste of materials. Wonder if God looks at us that way sometimes?