Thursday, January 14, 2010

an annual tradition

The weekend after Christmas has become our weekend to go to Orlando and visit Matt's grandparents. It was a beautiful 3 hour drive north.
A special and rare treat! Fall colors....
in December.
Bea fell asleep quickly surrounded by her special blankets and her luvy bear.
Micah stayed busy playing and coloring on his new coloring pad with "magic" markers. Thank you grandma and grandpa!
What every little boy does at grandma and grandpa's; looks for alligators in the pond with binoculars.
Having breakfest...wonder how many times in their life they have sat here in this exact spot? It was wonderful being with family for awhile. And they were extatic to have us there so soon after Christmas.
This little one waited and waited to be able to go fishing!
This one would have jumped right off of this bridge if we would have let her!
We tried several places, to no avail.
After we left their house we traveled an hour to Sea World. Just so happens it was the busiest day of the year and the coldest! (it has been much much colder since that day, but at the time we were freezing!) We didn't stay long at the park, but we did catch the Shamu show again and we made sure to pet the rays. Which are Micah's two favorite things to do.
This one could be doing anything as long as she can chew on my chapstick.
It's the simple things!

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Andrea said...

I had to laugh at the picture of Micah with the binoculars because we have pictures of Noah at his grandpa and grandma's looking out the window with binoculars, except he's looking for deer in the woods, not alligators! Also, petting stingrays are one of my favorite things to do, too. They're my favorite animal!!