Wednesday, December 2, 2009

now that's the way to celebrate

Can you feel his excitement??

The fam, getting ready for a night of hockey!

We were in row 22 section 133! Amazing seats!!!
This is how Micah spent the first period.
I love the blur of the skaters. Beautiful!

Micah can make a friend anywhere. He ended up sitting next to this little boy in front of us. They were yelling at the hockey players and having a grand old time. It was both of their first time at a game.
Daddy at a hockey game.
The leafs won! Which made Matt's night complete.
Walking down to take a close look at the ice after the game was over.

Matt's birthday fell on a Sunday this year though we spent Friday celebrating it. I was able to get him hockey tickets to see the Florida Panthers play the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs have been Matt's favorite team since he was a little boy living in Detroit. This was only his third time seeing them in person. I asked him if he wanted me to get a babysitter and the answer was "nope, I want to go as a family."
And so we did. And what fun we had! The kids were amazing!! Micah was in utter awe when we walked into the arena. The face he made was priceless. Bea just sat on my lap the whole first period taking it all in. It was a wonderful night together sharing an amazing memory.
Happy Birthday my love!
So glad we were able to experience it all together!


Vera said...

Oh my gosh Lydia, you are such a thoughtful wife. Bringing the kids along, building memories for Micah I am sure made the gift even more special for Matt. I love the pictures, as usual your pictures tell a story. Love and miss you, Vera

oxoxoxo said...

Happy Birthday Matt :)))
We love you!!!
Peter,Dajana & Livi.

Mom VC said...

Oh Honey,
Your pictures of the hockey game are incredible!! It looked like such a wonderful memory for all of you as Matt turned 34. Way to give the perfect gift for your Honey! I love your hair Matt! It looks so nice on you again.

I love you,
Mom VC